New IGU Manufacturer Impresses


New IGU Manufacturer Impresses

Newly appointed GAAQ and IGMA member, Australian Insulated Glass (AIG) Pty Ltd is a Queensland-based company with old fashioned ideas about premium service delivery. Established in 2013, AIG specialises in insulated glass units for clients seeking high performance double glazing solutions at a reasonable price.

Director Phil French says the secret to success in today’s challenging environment is to offer products and services that surpass conventional standards. AIG achieves this aim in three ways, he says. First, the company strives to accommodate extremely fast turnaround times – in some cases just two days from order placement. Second, no
minimum order, be it one unit or 101 units, and thirdly, AIG uses cutting-edge technology to manufacture specialised IGUs of superior longevity and thermal performance. All of the company’s IGUs are made using ‘Super Spacer®’technology, which is a non-metallic dual seal system designed to produce IGUs of exceptional quality.
Made from a flexible silicone foam material, these spacers dramatically reduce interior condensation by eliminating the problems typically associated with more conductive materials such as aluminium. And unlike rigid spacers, Super Spacer seals are able to flex in response to extreme hot or cold conditions, returning to their original ‘memorised’ specifications once extremes have passed, and reducing the likelihood of fractures or gaps.

This adaptability allows for exceptional seal integrity over time. In fact, tests equivalent to five years’ exposure to 60°C, 95-100% humidity and high UV exposure have led to less than 1% argon loss. As French notes, the dual seal system used in this manufacturing process means units last up to nine times longer than more traditional kinds of IGU.

Another advantage of the tough Super Spacer technology is its innate resilience, making it ideal for applications involving not only large temperature fluctuations, but also significant swings in barometric pressure and wind loading.

Phil French invites GAAQ members who require first-class IGUs along with specialised units such as internal blinds and colonial style units, with swift turnaround times, to contact AIG and learn more about the company’s offerings.

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