AIG produces 24-carat brilliance


AIG produces 24-carat brilliance

When one of the world’s leading luxury brands wanted tables resembling brilliant-cut diamonds for the launch of its new flagship Australian store, a Sydney-wide search drew a blank.

Fortunately Queensland-based Australian Insulated Glass heard the story and Director Phil French knew immediately how to design and manufacture tables to give them a brilliant diamond-like sparkle.

“I recognised straight away how to give them exactly what they wanted. We told them how the glass could be crafted and our design was immediately approved,” Phil says.

“There’s a process called ‘brilliant cut’ which is sometimes used in the UK and Europe to etch designs into mirrors and windows as part of high-end design schemes but it is not often done in Australia.”

After AIG crafted the 6 mm mirrored glass Phil and his team sent it in flat-packs to Sydney with instructions for a local glazier to assemble. The tables became part of a luxe dining setting in an exclusive private salon, dripping with Waterford crystal filled with white, pink and red blooms.

“Our event company client was over the moon with the result. We had done the research and got it right.”

Using the latest advanced techniques, supported by a highly skilled production team, AIG delivers a wide range of first-class products designed to satisfy rigorous aesthetic criteria.

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