Designed & Manufactured for Comfort

supplied IGUs for construction group H4 Living

Designed & Manufactured for Comfort

Queensland-based Australian Insulated Glass (AIG) manufactured and supplied IGUs for construction group H4 Living, building a new highly innovative and energy-efficient Gold Coast home.

The home was designed and built to meet Passivhaus standards, an internationally renowned architectural group, creating ecologically sustainable buildings, which are both practical and beautiful.

AIG is at the forefront in the manufacture and installation of high performance glazing systems, designed to provide exceptional insulation and acoustic performance for both residential and commercial buildings. With the building design incorporating passive design principles, quality, highly specified glazing and UPVC window systems were critical for the building to function as intended in the warm Queensland climate. With a U value of 1.7 and a SHGC of .43, the IGU’s feature 6.5mm Comfort Hush Lam Neutral / 18mm air, Argon filled / 4mm Clear Toughened, specified to minimise heat load and maximise internal comfort. SuperSpacer technology was also used in the manufacturing process to further enhance performance and durability of the IGU’s.

In addition to manufacturing all IGUs installed in the residence, AIG supplied and installed much of the customised glazing throughout the residence, including the glazed pool fencing, shower screens, splashbacks, mirrors and glass flooring.

A aluminium shade screen spanning 5 metres was fitted to the front façade of the home and elegant glass balustrades line the interior Durian Timber wooden staircase.

Throughout the construction process, Phil French Managing Director of AIG, provided the team with invaluable guidance to ensure thermal performance was maximised, also ensuring that all glazing specified was installed to meet the building code and fully compliant.

AIG commissioned Polytron Glass to supply the custom laminate for the impressive glazed floor areas and switchable entry door glass.

While thermal performance of the building is presently being monitored, with actual energy consumption and data being measured, homeowner Paul Gerrard reports that the results are obvious. “We’ve occupied the home throughout our first Queensland summer – it’s an incredibly comfortable home to live in, internal temperatures don’t fluctulate, on average inside we’re 10 degrees below outside temperatures, minimal if any use of air-conditioning, and we’re delighted with the finish – especially the glazing,’ said Paul.

Further project details

  • Window – 60M2 OF IGUS / 255 LM OF SUPER SPACER / 1330KG IN WEIGHT
  • Glass Flooring 380KG WEIGHT / SIZE 1700mm X 1750mm (15mm TGH SGLAM 15mm TGH SG LAM 6mm TGH)
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