First Impressions Count: Why having an attractive shopfront will benefit you

First Impressions Count: Why having an attractive shopfront will benefit you

When it comes to running a business or a store, your shopfront is often the first impression that potential customers get, so it’s crucial that you make sure your first impression is a good one. It only takes a few seconds for a consumer to decide if they like the look of your business or shop, making it absolutely essential that you make the most of those few seconds. Read on to find out how your storefront can influence customers:

A Prime Marketing Opportunity

Your commercial shopfront is one of the most effective marketing tools that you have at your disposal, so it’s essential that you maximise its potential. A well-designed shopfront is a perfect way to, quite literally, make your business stand out from the crowd, and that’s what good marketing is all about. The exterior of your business can be used to reflect the personality of your organisation, feature your branding and to display your services or products prominently. What’s also great is that your shopfront can act as a 24/7 form of advertising and when your shopfront stands out, people will constantly notice it as they walk by, making your store more memorable than your competitors.

The Psychology Behind a Storefront

When it comes to actually getting people through your door and into your shop or business, a well-designed storefront is key. Studies show that the vast majority of shoppers and consumers will shop on autopilot, and one of the only ways to snap people out of that autopilot mode is with an appealing storefront that catches your attention. An extensive study carried out by the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services showed that a well-executed shopfront meant that passersby were 5x more likely to enter the store on a whim. Going by these figures, a stand-out exterior for your business is a very wise investment with a high return on investment.

What’s the Best Way to Create an Appealing Storefront?

In 2020, commercial glazing and glass storefronts are most definitely the way forward. Glass is modern, striking and stands out from the usual ‘brick and mortar’. Glass will also cause passersby and potential customers’ line of sight to be drawn inside your store, creating a much greater sense of intrigue when compared with a concrete wall. You can even strategically place your more colourful and visually appealing products and decor near the front of your interior to attract customers.

Make it Personal

When it comes to physical storefronts, custom and bespoke glass fronts are the ultimate way to make your business shine. A custom made glazed exterior designed to complement your business and style is the best way to guarantee that you have a unique exterior that will make anyone look twice. Consumers are far more drawn towards organisations that are prepared to think outside the box and not merely follow the herd, so why not give your business the advantage it deserves by standing out against your competitors?

At AIG, we specialise in commercial glazing and bespoke storefronts. Our architectural expertise and years of experience with the finest structural glazing systems on the market mean that we know precisely how to design and construct a storefront that will massively boost your business and its image. If you have any questions about creating your dream shopfront, get in touch with our team today!

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