The Best Plants to Have in Your Pool Area

The Best Plants to Have in Your Pool Area

At AIG, we’ve seen countless Aussie back yards and pool areas when installing our frameless and self-cleaning pool fencing. We get a lot of insight into what makes your pool area look beautiful and what kind of landscaping is ideal for maintaining the space and keeping it tidy. When selecting plants for your poolside it’s important that you choose low-maintenance plants that won’t create a mess and don’t mind a bit of a splash from your pool water. Below we’ve listed some of our favourites and explained why they’re a great choice:


Succulents are a great plant to have at your poolside because they require such little maintenance. They also look great all year round since they’re an evergreen plant and they don’t create any mess or debris in and around your pool. Succulents don’t need frequent watering but they’re also a tough plant so they can easily take a bit of splashing during your weekends spent in the pool. Just make sure you opt for a species that doesn’t have spines, since these can fall off and aren’t ideal for an area where you’ll tend to be barefoot. One of our favourite kinds of succulent is the Agave plant, which is great for creating an interesting and striking look around your pool area.


Vines will grow over walls, fences and trellises generally finding a way to weave themselves through your surface of choice. Not only is this great for creating the feeling of a natural oasis in your pool area but they can also offer a lot of privacy and be strategically placed to block out any neighbours so that you can enjoy your pool area without prying eyes. What’s also great is that most vines tend to grow pretty quickly so they don’t require too much patience and quickly become a great addition to your pool deck!


Palm trees are great for providing a bit of shade on days when you need a bit of a reprieve from the hot Australian sun. The roots of palm trees also tend to grow straight down and don’t spread too much, which means they won’t interfere with the rest of the landscaping in your backyard. Just like vines, palm trees can also be great for creating a bit of a privacy screen. Palm leaves may occasionally fall into your pool but since they’re big, they’re quick and easy to remove unlike trees with smaller leaves. A couple of our favourites are Chinese Windmill and Foxtail palms but just make sure you do a bit of research on your specific state and climate before purchasing your palm trees.

Mondo Grass

If you’re looking for a plant to edge your pool with then Mondo Grass is one of the best options out there. This plant is hardy and doesn’t mind moist soil which means it can be as close to your pool as you like. It can also easily tolerate saltwater and chlorine so it doesn’t matter what kind of pool. What’s even better is that Mondo Grass is easy to grow and requires very little maintenance which is ideal when you’re likely to be planting a large number of them to create a luscious border around your pool.


Bamboo is easy to grow and has a lot of advantages which are great for your poolside; it grows quickly, it’s tall, it will act as a wind barrier and add a bit of sound absorption so you don’t have to worry about having a good time and making a bit of noise at your poolside. We recommend getting a clumping bamboo to maximise your privacy and climate benefits and just be aware that most bamboo needs good drainage.

If you’re planning a bit of an outdoor reno or an upgrade to your pool area, our self-cleaning pool fencing is the perfect choice for you. Not only does it limit the amount of money and time you have to spend on outdoor maintenance but it immediately transforms your back yard into a brighter and more modern space. To find out more, get in touch with one of our team members today!

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