Two is Better than One: The benefits of double glazing in Australian homes

Two is Better than One: The benefits of double glazing in Australian homes

When it comes to being a homeowner, we’d be willing to bet that feeling comfortable in your home is pretty high up on your priority list. After all, your home is your castle and so comfort all year round should be important. Of course, finishes and trimmings can give your home a very comfy feel, but did you know that your windows are a huge factor in maintaining a comfortable temperature all year round? Read on to find out the benefits of having double glazed windows in your home.

Summertime Sizzlin’

We all love a bit of heat and sunshine in the summer months but, in the Australian climate, it’s absolutely essential that the indoors can provide relief from the hot weather. Whether it’s making sure your kids can get a good night’s sleep, hosting a family dinner or inviting your friends over for a couple of Saturday night drinks, you’ll want your family and friends to feel comfortable in your home. Knowing you have double glazing essentially acts as a metaphorical version of the inviting, curbside signs outside of restaurants that read ‘Come on in, we have air con!’. The simple but effective vacuum of air between the two panes of glass reduces heat gain by around 30% which, in the Aussie summer, is the difference between feeling comfortable and sitting in a pool of your own sweat (disgusting we know, but we’ve all been there).

Winter Warmth

Just like no one wants to be subjected to unbearable heat in summer, we all like to get cosy during the cooler winter months. The heat regulation that double glazed windows can provide is just as essential in winter since they act as an excellent layer of insulation and prevent that much-needed heat from escaping. In fact, in comparison with single glazing, double glazing will retain 40% more of the warmth in your home, meaning that you won’t be waking up in the winter mornings so cold that you can see your breath in the air.


Besides temperature and season, another factor that can be pretty ‘make or break’ when it comes to enjoying your home is noise pollution. We all like our privacy and we all like our movies and music, but we don’t necessarily want to share them with our neighbours or be subject to our neighbours’ oversharing. The insulated glass acts as a partial sound barrier in both directions, that is, from outside to inside and inside to outside. This is another major benefit of double glazed windows, especially with many new houses being built on smaller lots, which ultimately means being closer to your neighbours. The glass reduces vibration and sound waves making it up to 90% quieter. This enormous difference can mean a peaceful night’s sleep when next door is entertaining or trying to get their newborn baby to settle for the night.

Double glazed, insulated glass is an essential addition to any Australian home. Australian IG offers insulated glass window and door packages as well as custom glasswork. For more information and to discover more about insulated and double glazed windows reach out to us today.

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