Top Tips On Glass Care

Top Tips On Glass Care

Spring is well and truly in the air now, and with the season comes the dreaded or highly-anticipated spring clean. No matter if you have already done your clean out, or if you’re pushing it back as late as possible, there is one house feature you may have forgotten – glass. 

At Australian IG, we understand how important it is to maintain proper care of glass windows both internally and externally. As glass experts, there are certain things we highly recommend and advise against in terms of glass cleaning and maintenance. Read on to find out what you should and should not be doing for your glass care. 

The Do’s Of Glass Care

  • Clean from top to bottom. This systemised cleaning will ensure that no drips of your window cleaner are leftover after wiping down the glass that you think is already clean. Starting from the top ensures you will wipe up all overspray and drips, leaving your glass sparkling.
  • Use distilled water to clean your windows. This applies especially to cleaning the external side of windows where a lot of people use the garden hose; however, we know this is sometimes unavoidable. The chemicals and minerals present in tap water vary drastically between different locations and sources. This means we cannot guarantee that there are no hidden streak-prone components to the water in your taps. Therefore, we strongly recommend using distilled water instead. This eliminates the mineral or chemical residue that can be leftover from tap water. 
  • Use the right products. We all know that soap is a great cleaner, but when we are looking for streak-free perfection, using too much soap can leave soap stains on your windows. We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t use soap, but it needs to be used in moderation. As an alternative, you can try using a regular household remedy like vinegar or bicarb soda to get your glass shiny and streak-free. 

The Don’ts Of Glass Care

  • Don’t use materials that will leave fibres on the glass. These will only leave lint and fibres on the glass, leaving them looking fuzzy and unclean. 
  • Don’t clean on a dry, hot day. These conditions force your windows to quick-dry. While this may seem like a great way to power through your cleaning, hot temperatures are more likely to cause streaking. 
  • Clean your windows last. Doing other jobs may disturb any nearby dust. This is a quick way to dirty your windows before you’ve even had time to appreciate them. 


We hope these tips will help you look after the glass windows and fences around your home. If you want more expert advice on how to care for your glass properly or to view our range of products, get in touch with the Australian IG team today.  

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