At AIG , we offer a complete residential glazing package. AIG can offer a complete single OR Double-glazed window and door Package in Upvc or Aluminium(Including thermally broken aluminium). Splashbacks, Mirrors, Frameless shower Screens, Pool fencing & Balustrading. We are highly experienced in all aspects of domestic and commercial glazing. Let AIG quote and offer you a fully comprehensive, cost effective and compliant glazing solution… feel free to get in touch with a team member today!


Double Glazed Window and Door Packages

Here at AIG, we customise specific window and door packages to meet your specifications and requirements. Choosing the right glass and glazing for your project is more important than ever as we are continually required to meet new energy regulations with specific requirements, not only for glass and energy saving frames, but in the whole building process.



Splashbacks are highly visible, highly functional parts of a bathroom or kitchen. Glass is the perfect material for splashback coherence, cleanliness and hygiene, and AIG is the ideal company to bring your customised splashback to reality.
Glass splashbacks are easier to measure, fit and maintain than stone or timber installations. Even better, a glass splashback can be designed to showcase any design you like, based on a limitless range of colours and effects including solid colours, digital graphic patterning, as well as photographic inspirations.

Glass can withstand the roughest treatment over many years, and, unlike other more fragile materials that require ongoing surface protection, can be kept in pristine condition without specialist care.

Australian Insulated Glass (AIG) can suggest an extraordinary array of images to enliven, calm or energise your splashback; our library of 30 million images is a treasure-trove of naturalistic, scenic and geometric designs.

For those who want to retain the aesthetic warmth of stone or marble, why not incorporate high-resolution imagery of stoneware into your glass splashback?

Indeed, glass splashbacks offer numerous clever solutions to perennial design challenges. If your kitchen or bathroom is very small, an AIG glass splashback can provide visual amplification by portraying sweeping panoramic outdoor scenes. If your splashback is located in a dark area of a room, then light colours or vividly accented effects can brighten a dull space. Landscapes and seascapes are favourite choices for homeowners wanting to heighten a sense of leisure and fun; on the other hand, imagery based on timber panels and grains is useful for providing traditionalism to an otherwise contemporary room.

At AIG, we can help you identify the right design to suit your practical and aesthetic requirements.

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Pool Fencing

Pool fencing & Balustrading

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